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Safe in the monsoon

20 July 2018, Impact of Our Work, Emergencies

Heavy rains, floods and landslides threaten to split Rohingya families up in the camps of Cox's Bazar

The rains have arrived. In the refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, hundreds of Rohingya shelters have been inundated with floodwater or hit by landslides over the past month.

There is an estimated 250,000 number of refugees in areas at risk of landslides and floods. 33,220 people have already been affected by landslides, wind-storms and floods. More than two and a half metres of rain are expected to fall in Cox’s Bazar throughout June, July and August during peak monsoon season.

In the chaos of the rains, children can get separated from their families – so we’re making sure they won’t be apart for long.

Thanks to the help of our generous supporters, we’re providing children with child safety bracelets so they can be easily identified if they are alone, and reunited with their families as soon as possible. With everything they’ve been through in the past year, the last thing they need is to be separated from the people they know best. 

As well as providing safety bracelets, we’ve also ramped up our monsoon preparation work, distributing shelter upgrade kits for the most at-risk homes, improving critical infrastructure like drains and bridges, reinforcing landslide-prone hillsides. We have also strengthened facilities like health posts and child friendly spaces, and we’re making many of these services ‘mobile’ so they can reach those who aren’t able to move around because of the rains.

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