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Sweet success in the Solomon Islands

19 July 2023, Impact of Our Work, Climate

Beekeeping helps Pacific communities adapt to changing  climate 

The Solomon Islands is at the mercy of climate change. Increasingly ferocious winds and rains have wrecked the mangroves that buffer the country’s almost 1000 islands from cyclones and rising tides. Of the mangroves that remain, many are being harvested for their precious timber.  

Thankfully, Save the Children is working hand in hand with communities to generate green jobs and help them  protect mangroves from logging.

We’re training women and young people to become beekeepers. Our teams deliver beehives, protective suits and smokers. Once released to swarm, the bees find haven in the mangroves and pollinate them, all while producing sweet honey for community farmers to sell.  

Click the red box below to follow the journey the honeybees make from farm to community, where our fledgling beekeepers make sure they’re right at home.  

In collaboration with Natural Carbon and local NGO, Mai Ma’asina Green Belt, our project aims to help families adapt to the changing climate so they can put food on the table and a roof over their children’s heads. 

And by helping keep mangroves in the ground, we’re making sure they can protect the islands – along with wildlife and food sources like fish and crabs - from storms and high tides. The mangroves even store carbon deposits that don’t make their way into the atmosphere, effectively slowing climate change globally. 
The fight against climate change is tough. But thanks to our partners and thousands of tiny, buzzing climate champions, we’re helping communities build a sweeter future for themselves. 

The Nature-Based Solutions project is supported by Climate Resilient by Nature (CRxN), an Australian Government initiative in partnership with WWF Australia.


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