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The impact you’re making for children

19 August 2020, Retail

Every cent you spend adds up to change for children

When you shop at a Save the Children Op Shop, your purchases go toward solving some of the world’s biggest problems for children – like giving them an education, providing them with healthcare and protecting them from harm and abuse. You’re also contributing to giving everyone a healthier future – saving over 3.2 million items from ending up in landfill each year. It all adds up! 

As well as supporting children to have a better climate for the future, you’re helping them in the here and now. A dollar spent in a Save the Children Op Shop means a dollar toward a child’s education, a meal, or the medicines they need to stay protected from disease. Children like Hadija* who was severely malnourished before her mum Minu received help from Save the Children health workers. Every cent counts in this fight!

Thanks for helping give children a better future. Your Op Shop buy is giving hope to so many. 

*Name changed to protect identity

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