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The importance of early learning

05 October 2018, Impact of Our Work

Helping kids and families be the best they can be

We know from extensive research that providing very young children with opportunities to learn, grow and develop through safe and supported play is crucial in shaping a child’s cognitive, social and emotional health, and consequently their behaviour in adult life. 
But supported playgroups don’t only benefit children. They can also provide parents who may be struggling with access to support in a friendly, non-judgmental environment. 

Our Play2Learn program is the largest of our Early Childhood Care and Development programs in Australia and has been running for more than 30 years. We currently run more than 200 Play2Learn groups for children and parents living in remote and disadvantaged communities across Australia.

That’s why we are welcoming the commitment to invest more into early education by Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews in Melbourne. 

“There is nothing more important to a child’s development than those first few years of life,” – Save the Children’s Director of Australian services, Heather Finlayson.

Research has clearly shown that two years of participation in an early childhood education program rather than one, has a positive influence on children’s development – especially for those experiencing vulnerability.

Save the Children has been supporting education for children in Australia since the 1950s and remains committed to giving all children the best start in life and successful transition to school. We run Play2Learn supported playgroups in more than 200 places across Australia, to improve early childhood development, parenting support for children’s development and connection to community for the families that attend.

Images: Robert McKechnie and Mike Chilton/Save the Children

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