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The stories that you helped shape

20 December 2018

It doesn’t matter what it is, where it is or why it is – when children cry out for help, we have to respond. This year, you responded. And it’s made a world of difference…

Our stories usually have a difficult beginning, but your support helps children and families write the next chapter. Here’s just a few examples of places where your generous spirit is making a life-changing difference. 

From the distant desert plains in Kenya, to the embattled Middle East and right here in our own backyard, your kindness has helped put beaming smiles on children’s faces. 

You can see for yourself how a young boy in Kenya has rediscovered his playful exuberance. How a young girl is on track to a brighter future in Lebanon. And how a young Aussie family is finding comfort and care in the local community. 

These hopeful stories have unfolded because of people like you. 

Community spirit is alive and well in East Gippsland. 

Jess* is living with her two children in a single room of a friend’s house in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland. She’s 22 and has been looking for her own place but rentals are limited and expensive. 

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Originally from Syria, now living in Lebanon, 14-year-old Nada won’t let anything stand in her way. 

Nada* isn’t counting how many days are left of the summer holidays, but rather how many days are left before school opens its doors again. 

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Peanuts saved Jacob's life. 

In many ways, four-year-old Jacob* is just like any other little boy his age. He likes playing with his friends, enjoys stories from his mother and is never happier than when eating!  

Yet Jacob has more reason than most to look forward to his next meal. In rural Kenya where he lives, there’s very little food to go round. 

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*Names have been changed to protect identity

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