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You're part of a story that began 100 years ago

Can you imagine the world 100 years from now?

I wonder what people would have said if you had asked the same question in 1919, before the world became so connected. Before televisions, the internet, social media. Before Sydney had an Opera House. Before the Beatles. Before Vegemite! So much has changed in the past 100 years, it’s hard to imagine where we’ll be in 2119.

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself as Save the Children marks its centenary this year. I hope, in another 100 years, there’s no need for Save the Children to protect children against violence. I hope children are no longer dying from preventable causes or being denied an education. I hope every child has the chance of a bright future. I know if we keep working together, that future is possible.

The stories in this edition of The World’s Children show that everyone plays an important part – the children and families we work for and with, our amazing staff members all around the world, the nurses, the doctors, the teachers.

So, thank you for everything you do.

Paul Ronalds - CEO Save the Children Australia

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