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Syrian crisis

Civil war has been tearing Syria apart for years. With millions of people displaced within Syria or fleeing to refugee camps in neighbouring countries.

Save the Children is on the ground responding to the crisis

Right now, we are providing food, water and shelter, and delivering much-needed health, education and child-protection programs.

An endless conflict

Since fighting first broke out in Syria in March 2011, the Syrian crisis has unfolded to become a large-scale civil war, affecting more than 8 million people across the region, including millions of children.

Thousands of Syria's children now live in refugee camps – some inside Syria and others in neighbouring countries like Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.

The impact on children is hard to fathom. Not only have they witnessed bombs, killings and destruction, many have been forced to live on the run, leaving the comfort of their homes and the promise of an education. They bear invisible wounds after years of trauma.

What we’re doing to help inside Syria

Our programs inside Syria provide children and families with food, clean drinking water, healthcare and warm clothing. We’re supporting health centres and hospitals across the country, providing equipment and services specifically for children, pregnant women and new mothers. Our specialist teams are also helping children to overcome their traumatic experiences and supporting them to return to school.

What we’re doing to help in the region

Save the Children is working with Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, providing families with the basics they need, including food, clothing and shelter for children and families who are facing extremely difficult conditions. We're working to ensure children now living as refugees still have access to school, emotional support and recreational activities.

Learn more about how you can help Syrian children here.

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