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Our work in Australia

We’ll do whatever it takes to keep kids safe, on track and connected to community and culture.

Australia's first and leading child rights organisation

Save the Children has been working in Australia for more than 100 years to make sure all children and young people know their rights and have them met, so that they can thrive in all their diversity, creativity and curiosity. And, so that adults everywhere know and support these rights too.

New name, same mission

New name, same mission

In 2022 we revealed a new name for our work in Australia – 54 reasons. The children we work with asked for something accessible, relevant, playful and engaging. The name is inspired by the 54 articles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our services continue to support children and young people to learn, grow, dream big, feel safe and supported. 

We know that children and young people grow and learn best when they have access to quality learning environments, when they have supportive relationships with their caregivers, when communities reduce rather than amplify stress, and when they have a say on the things that matter to them.

With the child’s voice at the centre, we provide quality services to children and their caregivers, advocating alongside them so that children develop, learn, and are connected, safe and confident. 

Local people meeting diverse needs with energy, guts, ideas and teamwork 

Working in more than 197 communities and locations, remote regional and metropolitan areas, our people are proudly local, and as diverse as the communities we serve - in every state and the Northern Territory. We closely monitor our work to maximise our impact, to constantly improve our practice, and to be
accountable to children, young people, families and communities.

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