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Student Advocacy Project

The Student Advocacy Project addresses barriers to inclusion to help give all children in the NT access to meaningful education. To find out more, you can:


Supporting children and families to engage in education

Many families and children face challenges that impact their ability to fully engage with school. The Student Advocacy Project is a partnership between Save the Children Australia and the Northern Territory Department of Education that aims to give all children access to meaningful education. 

Working towards inclusive education for all children

The NT Department of Education’s Framework for Inclusion 2019 – 2029 promotes ‘Inclusive Education for all Children’. The Department of Education is committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to attend their local school and to access the same educational and social opportunities as all other students. It has a commitment to empower and encourage families to be more actively involved in decision-making about their children’s education, listening to the voices of children and families, and providing accurate and timely information about the options available for their children.

The Student Advocacy Project takes up this commitment aiming to support and facilitate the equal rights of students in relation to enrolment, participation, facilities and services. The project will run in Darwin and Palmerston until 2022.

The program will work with students, their families and schools to address barriers to inclusion in education, through the provision of:

  • Callback service
  • Information, Advice and Referral 
  • Case Advocacy 
  • Systemic Advocacy 
  • Complex Case Escalation and Referral

What are our goals? 

  • Students who face barriers to inclusion are supported to enroll and participate in school with other children in their local area
  • Students receive reasonable adjustments and support tailored to their learning needs
  • Students and their families have the information they need to help schools and service providers make meaningful learning opportunities possible for them 
  • Common barriers to inclusion in schools are identified and addressed collaboratively.

Who can access the services? 

  • Students of all ages from Northern Territory Government pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools in Darwin and Palmerston
  • The service is free and available to support parents, carers and students.
  • Families who want information, guidance and support for their child’s inclusion in school

Long-term objectives

Through delivery of The Student Advocacy Project, the following long-term outcomes hope to be achieved:
  • Children in Darwin and Palmerston regions will have equitable access to enrol in NT Government schools and participate in learning on the same basis as their peers, and
  • Children and their families will be empowered, informed, and have a voice in decision-making to ensure their children are meaningfully engaged in learning.

Where can you find out more? 

For enquiries about participating in the project, phone the Student Advocacy Project call-back service on 08 7971 9810 or email Information, advocacy and support provided by Save the Children is founded in the Northern Territory Education Act 2015, the Disability Standards for Education 2005, the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data Guidelines and current Department of Education Policy and Practice Guidelines.

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