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Our work in Australia

We’ll do whatever it takes to keep kids safe, on track and connected to community and culture.

Supporting Australian children

Save the Children has been working in Australia for more than 65 years to make sure all children and young people are set up for success, wherever they are and whatever their circumstances. We work to create long-term positive change for children and families experiencing multiple and complex challenges in life.

We know that children and young people grow and learn best when they have access to quality learning environments, when they have supportive relationships with their parents, family and caregivers, and when their community structures and services reduce rather than amplify stress.

That’s why our work is focused on three key outcomes:

  1. Children and young people participate and are engaged in learning

  2. Families provide positive, safe and supportive home environments

  3. Communities are strong, connected and safe for children and young people

To achieve these outcomes, we deliver a range of evidence-informed programs that ties in with Save the Children’s global themes of education, health and protection.

We closely monitor our work to maximise our impact, to constantly improve our approach, and to be accountable to children, young people, families and communities.

Working in more than 197 communities and locations, remote regional and metropolitan areas, we create programs that involve children and young people, and that reflect their aspirations and needs.

We work across sectors to test and build new knowledge and evidence about what works, and advocate for new ways of working with Australia’s children and families.

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