Helping Australian children access education

Save the Children runs programs that improve access and school attendance for disadvantaged children in Australia.

School plays a key role in a child's intellectual, physical, social and emotional development and well-being. Yet for some Australian children, there are barriers such as geographic location and socio-economic status that make regular attendance difficult. Education is one of the key factors to reduce disadvantage.

We know some children and families need extra help to access and stay connected with school. That's why our Access to School programs work to remove barriers that prevent children from attending school.

We've been running our School Attendance Program in Australia since 2008. We work in partnership with schools in Darwin and Ceduna in South Australia, to support children at risk of missing out on school.

Moving to primary school is often daunting, especially for disadvantaged children and families. Our Transition to School programs prepares children and their parents for the move to primary school and helps families address barriers to regular attendance. We work with local primary schools to familiarise families with school premises, routines and expectations.

Upholding the values of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to ensure the rights of all children are recognised is critical to Save the Children's work. That's why our Global Peace Schools program helps young Australians and their school communities to understand and advocate for children's rights.