Creating better lives for young Australians

In Australia, Save the Children works with vulnerable young people to build their skills and help them access opportunities to improve their lives.

Every year in Australia, around 50,000 young people between 15 and 19 drop out of education and training, particularly in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Many drop out because the curriculum and teaching methods are not culturally or developmentally appropriate and because of inadequate ways of dealing with challenging behaviour. Dropping out of school and failing to complete the Year 10 Certificate has been linked to unemployment, juvenile offending, poor health and drug and alcohol abuse.

Our Youth Engagement programs

We know sometimes young people just need a little help to get themselves on track to a better life. Young people can benefit greatly from programs that take a holistic approach to supporting their social, emotional, cultural and educational needs.

That’s why we support young people who have become disengaged from education, family or community life. We provide mentoring programs to at risk young people. We engage youth living in communities with inadequate services through movie nights, school holiday programs, and drive our Mobile Youth Vans out to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities like Wilcannia in New South Wales.

We support young people who have come in to contact with the juvenile justice system - many who’ve never had a positive role model in their life. Through one-on-one mentoring, we equip young people on Bail and transitioning from detention, with the tools and resilience they need to turn things around.