Helping children in Ethiopia survive


Save the Children's programs in Ethiopia give life-saving support to children.

We've been working hard to create positive change for children in Ethiopia since 1984. Our short-term programs provide urgent assistance during emergencies and our long-term programs improve health, education and child protection services.ethiopia-facts

Why we work in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa and has faced many challenges during its long history. While progress has been made, the country is still plagued by frequent food shortages, poor health services, a HIV/AIDS crisis and high child and maternal death rates.

Only 44 percent of the population has access to clean water, almost 30 percent of children are underweight and harmful traditional practices continue to violate children's rights.

Save the Children's work in Ethiopia

Save the Children International's programs have grown significantly to meet the persistent challenges that confront Ethiopia, one of the world's poorest countries. Our work focuses on reducing chronic poverty and food insecurity, improving health services, combating the growing HIV/AIDS crisis and addressing the low standards of education.

Save the Children Australia currently funds maternal and child health and child protection programs. Our programs aim to combat early child marriage and improve maternal and child health services to prevent unnecessary mother and child deaths.