New South Wales


Save the Children has been creating better lives for children in New South Wales for more than 60 years.

We have been providing education opportunities for children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in New South Wales since we opened our first pre-school in 1962. Today, we have expanded our focus to include child protection and parenting support, as well as youth engagement and early childhood care and development programs for disadvantaged children from a range of backgrounds.

Using advanced technologies such as coding, robotics, electronics, 3D printing and virtual reality, Programming the Future works with local stakeholders to assist children and young people to develop the 21st century skills vital for their future.

Programming the Future (PtF) is an innovative community capacity building program. PtF supports some of the most disadvantaged young people throughout regional and remote NSW.

How it works

PtF builds the skills and knowledge of local service providers (such as schools, youth centres, libraries) to deliver programming on cutting edge technologies in an effort to engage with children and young people and assist them to develop critical 21st century skills. 

Service providers, or PtF ‘Champions’ as they are known, will be assisted to develop 12-24 month digital education plans for their community.  Through the implementation of these plans, children and young people will not only develop familiarity with technology, they will learn to apply it to their own lives to solve social issues and gain skills in critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity in the process – all of which are necessary for their future success.

Why become a PtF Champion?

PtF Champions have a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and capacity to deliver programming on cutting edge technology for the benefit of young people in their community.  PtF provides access to free training and support for Champions and can work with your organisations existing technology and resources as well as assist you to apply for funding to further your organisations digital technology capacities.  If you or your organisation are interested in finding out more about becoming a PtF Champion, please refer to the contact details below.

Why is PtF important?

There are more than 200 towns in New South Wales with a population of less than 5,000 people. The decline in community services in these remote towns is affecting young people, who are already isolated and marginalised. In addition to being socially isolated, often children and young people in regional and remote locations are also digitally isolated, with Bathurst, Dubbo, Young and Cowra all recording less household internet access than the NSW average (ABS 2011).

PtF looks to bridge the digital divide facing children and young people in regional and remote location and provide them with the best possible skills to compete with their metropolitan counterparts for future work and tertiary education opportunities.

Where PtF operates

PtF is a new project, established by Save the Children in 2017, following a metropolitan pilot.  In 2017 a Digital Excellence Hub (DigEHub) was established in partnership with Marathon Health and headspace Bathurst.  During 2018 PtF will establish strong partnerships with ‘Champions’ throughout the Bathurst, Blayney, Oberon, Orange and Young areas prior to establishing a second DigEHub in Dubbo and servicing satellite sites from Dubbo including Wellington and other key communities of interest.

How we know we're helping young people

The PtF model is based on the Digital Theory of Change, developed by PtF advisor James Dellow of DragonHall, UK.  Mr Dellow’s theory is based on his extensive experience working with isolated and marginalised youth in London, and steps children and young people through discovering, creating and making with technology prior to moving on to ‘tech action’ where young people apply technological solutions to resolve social issues.  Further, the model aims to accelerate the learning of the young people by connecting them with technologists and business leaders to further accelerate their learning. 

By increasing the communities capacity to deliver digital education training which inspires and engages children and young people, we are confident that PtF will continue to benefit children and young people living in regional and remote areas for many years.

Who makes our program possible

It is the generous support of the IMC Foundation that enables Save the Children to assist young people in NSW through Programming the Future. 

For further information, please contact Programming the Future Team Leader, Angela Beard on 0427 293 836 or