South Central Asia

Young girl writing on blackboard in South West Asia

Save the Children has been providing life-saving care to some of the most vulnerable children in South Central Asia for more than 30 years.

Why we work in South Central Asia

Each year in South Central Asia, 423,000 babies die on the day they are born. This is higher than any other region around the world. If they survive their first day of life, children are faced with a number of other challenges including malnutrition, stunting, early marriage and abuse. Other issues include gender-based violence, natural disasters and conflict.   

Our work in the region

We run health and nutrition programs across the region to improve access to basic services and reduce infant and maternal deaths. We also respond during emergencies such as earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones that are typical to this region, and help build community resilience to climate change in disaster-prone areas. We work in some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities throughout South Central Asia including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan to create better lives for children.