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Call for the Australian Government to urgently support the resettlement of vulnerable Afghans


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Afghan children have known nothing but conflict their entire lives, and now they are more vulnerable than ever. We cannot abandon them.

More than 80,000 children have already been displaced and many families have taken desperate measures to survive. 

We must protect children and their families from harm.

This is why we’re calling on the Australian Government to act urgently by committing to:

  • Support the safe passage and resettlement of vulnerable Afghans, including increasing the intake of Afghan refugees to 20,000, granting permanent protection and amnesty to Afghans already in Australia, and prioritising family reunification
  • Increase funding to meet rapidly rising humanitarian need in Afghanistan, and provide support for Afghan people who have fled to neighbouring countries.

You can make a difference for Afghan children and families by calling on the Australian Government to help today. Please take action urgently.

Note: We are working closely with Australian community leaders from Afghanistan, and other NGOs, on this call to action. This petition mirrors those of our allies, including the six resettlement asks outlined by the Afghan Australian Advocacy Network. The petitions will be merged before presentation to the government.