• For the past six years, children in Syria have been bombed and starved. They’ve seen friends and family die before their eyes, or get buried under the rubble of their homes. They’ve watched as schools and hospitals have been destroyed. They’ve been denied food, medicine and vital aid – and been ripped apart from family and friends as they’ve fled the fighting.

    Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan opened in 2012 for people escaping the horrors of the Syrian war. Today, the camp is home to almost 80,000 refugees. More than half are children. As the size of the population has grown, so too have the needs of the people living in the camp. Save the Children has been there since the beginning to help meet the needs of children who, for the time being, have nowhere but Zaatari Camp to call home.

    We have set up safe spaces, where children can meet, play, and talk about their experiences. We support distressed children who need special care after experiencing extreme levels of violence, and we look after their mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

  • Every morning, Save the Children distributes over 17 tonnes of bread to 80,000 refugees in Zaatari Camp, Jordan.
  • It's hard to imagine what life is like inside one of the largest refugee camps in the world. In this video, Amer*, a teenager from Syria, will walk you through his daily life, share his dreams of becoming a barber, and remind us all of the power of hope in an uncertain and sometimes frightening world.

    Children attending programs within the camp are dealing with a range of issues relating to the effects of war. In a recent report conducted by Save the Children partners, half the children interviewed said they did not feel safe at school or playing outside. Interviews and focus groups uncovered that 78 percent of children feel grief and extreme sadness some or all of the time. Almost all of the interviewed adults said that children had become more nervous or fearful as the war has gone on.

    Programs like the one Amer is participating in provide an outlet for expression and a safe environment for children to simply enjoy being children.

  • We provide snacks and juice to children enrolled in programs

    We deliver more than 17 tonnes of bread each day

    We provide vocational training

    We operate safe spaces to play and learn

  • Quick facts about Zaatari Camp

    • More than 4,500 children attend Save the Children’s kindergartens in Zaatari Camp each week.
    • Every morning, Save the Children distributes bread to 80,000 refugees in Zaatari Camp in Jordan.
    • Save the Children’s Multi-Activity Centre in Zaatari Camp provides a space where more than 5,000 boys and girls learn and play.
    • Zaatari Camp has 2 hospitals, 1 of 9 health care centres, and 1 delivery unit with 120 community health volunteers.
    • Over 20,000 school aged children are enrolled in 1 of the 9 schools operated in the camp.
  • Voices from Zaatari