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Charities Supporting Inclusive Education Programs

Help us ensure all children have access to education and resources to help them thrive. Donate to support our inclusive education programs today.

Our inclusive education programs are designed to ensure all children, regardless of their background, location or circumstances have access to the support, resources and social activities that enable meaningful education and opportunity. If you would like to know more about charities supporting children's education, below is information on some of our initiatives that promote inclusive education.

Save The Children is one of Australia’s leading charities supporting children's education. We have been helping vulnerable children and their families for over 100 years. Utilising our global reach, we help millions of children in 117 countries through our programs and emergency relief. As one of the charities that help children's education in Australia, here are the programs we offer that enable educational and social opportunities for children who may otherwise feel isolated, marginalised or left behind

Charities Supporting Children's Education

Education is vital for our young people to engage socially and reach their full potential so they have the opportunity to fulfil their hopes and dreams. This is why charities supporting children's education are so important.

By working in partnership with local communities, government, other NGOs, community and advocacy groups, corporate partners and individual donors we can reach more children, more effectively through our education programs.

In Australia, our education programs are designed to support all children in every state and territory. Two of the inclusive education programs we offer are:
  • Student Advocacy Project - Working with the Northern Territory Department of Education, this program focuses on providing all children with access to meaningful education and empowering families to be involved in their child’s education.
  • M.Y. Van - This program is designed to engage youth in areas where support and resources may be limited through fun, interactive games, music, digital media & sport.

How To Support Charities That Help Children's Education

One of the best ways to support the great work of charities supporting children's education is to make a donation. You can make a single donation or become a monthly giver. 79% of our donations go directly towards program expenditure.

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