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Charities That Help Child Poverty

Millions of children are suffering from child poverty. Donate today & see how you can make a difference by supporting charities that help child poverty.

Child poverty affects millions of children around the world. Without access to basic everyday needs such as healthcare, education and protection from harm, these children are vulnerable, at-risk and struggle to reach their full potential in life. Below, find out how we help children affected by child poverty here in Australia and around the world.

Save The Children has been helping children in need for over 100 years. We believe every child has a right to survival, protection, development and participation. With our global reach we help millions of children in over 117 countries through our emergency response aid and programs. Here is more about what we are doing to help children in need and how you can support charities that help child poverty.

What We Are Doing To Help

Charities that help child poverty aim to help children not only with their immediate needs but by implementing measures that create lasting change. Through our emergency response aid, we provide lifesaving essentials to children experiencing poverty as a result of a humanitarian crisis such as extreme conflict, environmental catastrophes and famine.

We have teams on the ground in countries around the world providing:
  • Food and clean water
  • Healthcare
  • Shelter
  • Protection
We also ensure these children have access to education & psychological support and we also help to reunite families.

Our evidence-based programs are designed to reach children, families and communities to help give children the best start in life - setting them up for a bright future. We provide education, training and access to resources that enable communities to create positive, sustainable and ongoing change.

Donate To Support Charities That Help Child Poverty

Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in life, to be happy, healthy and safe. We are helping children affected by child poverty and you can help too.

Donations enable us to continue to help vulnerable, at-risk children. To support the work we are doing to help children and their families you can make a single donation today or become a monthly giver.  79% of donations go directly towards program expenditure.

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You can be a lifesaver

Your gift today can be the difference between life and death for a vulnerable child.

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