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Child protection and family support

Donate to our programs that focus on child protection and family support in Australia and internationally. Contact us to find out more about our efforts.

Save the Children Australia has been providing child protection and family support for nearly 100 years. Our child safety and protection programs include development and lifesaving aid in Australia and overseas. For a child in need of protection we deliver care to children who are:

  • Abused or neglected
  • Living in institutions
  • Migrants, refugees or trafficked children.

Our evidence-based emergency and aid programs are focused on the needs of children, child protection and family support. During conflict, wars and disasters, boys and girls can become separated from their families and be exposed to child marriage or sexual violence. In some cases, a child in need of care and protection can even be recruited as child soldiers. A regular monthly donation can help us reach out and protect more children and their families.

With 73 cents in every dollar going directly towards our programs, you get peace of mind that your hard-earned money is making an impact. To achieve measurable results, we stay accountable to our supporters, partners and children.

Our Child Safety And Protection Programs In Australia 

Even though Australia is ranked among the best countries in the world to live for economic advantage, education and life expectancy, not every child experiences this. Our education and child protection support programs in Australian run in remote, regional and urban locations throughout Australia and focus on three outcomes for a child in need of care and protection:

  1. Helping children engage with and participate in learning and education programs
  2. Providing families with a supportive, safe and positive home environment
  3. Creating connected, safe and strong communities for children and young people.

How To Help Our Child Protection And Family Support Programs

Our evidence-based child protection programs operate throughout Australia and 20 other countries worldwide. A monthly donation can help us provide much-needed care for children that includes education, health and protection from abuse, neglect and sexual exploitation. 

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