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Community Child Protection Program

Find out about our community child protection programs in Australia and internationally. Read about our key outcomes & how your donation helps children.

Even though Australia has been rated as one of the best places to live in the world for life expectancy, education and economic advantage (2016 Human Development Report), not everyone gets these opportunities.

With more than 17% of Australian children living below the poverty line (Poverty in Australia), many of them Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, Save the Children run community-based child protection programs to create positive long-term change for children and their families.

We are part of a global network dedicated to improving children’s everyday lives through health, education, child protection and crisis. Our team is dedicated to ensuring every child has a safe and happy childhood.

What Our Child Protection Program Delivers

We are an independent and secular children’s charity that has no affiliation or membership to any religion or political party. You get peace of mind that for every 1 dollar donated, 73 cents go directly towards funding our education and child protection support programs.

We conduct all our activities legally and ethically in line with our very high standards of integrity and deliver all our activities with transparency and accountability. Our community-based child protection programs in Australia focus on:
  • Providing access to quality education while encouraging children and young people to become engaged with their learning.
  • Helping families provide a safe, positive and supportive home environment.
  • Supporting local communities so children and young people feel connected, safe and strong.
With one Australian child being subjected to some form of child abuse every 16 minutes, your regular monthly donations can help us support them.

How You Can Help Our Community-Based Child Protection Program

A regular monthly donation to a child protection organization like Save the Children can help us protect vulnerable children who are living in neglect and are fearful of abuse. The positive impact your donation to our child protection working group can make include:
  • $50 can help a child recover and heal from abuse through a therapeutic place with our trained staff
  • $88 can give families who have experienced trauma the support they need to recover and heal
  • $125 can give a child who has experienced violence safe housing and counselling
  • $160 can create safe spaces in refuges for children so they’re not the forgotten victims of violence.

Your monthly support helps us ensure no child in Australia fears for their life. Another way you can help is to volunteer. Explore our wide range of volunteering opportunities. A regular monthly donation is a powerful way to start changing lives.

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Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood