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Donate To Tonga

Tonga is in the midst of a severe crisis. Find out how we are helping vulnerable children and their families in Tonga. Support our programs by donating today.

Not only are children in Tonga having to cope with the traumatic experience of the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami that destroyed everything in its wake, but they are now having to deal with COVID spreading through the community. Below, find out how you can donate to Tonga to help these vulnerable children and their families caught up in a devastating situation.

Save The Children has been championing the right of children for over 100 years. We believe every child has the right to survival, protection, development and participation. We provide emergency response in a crisis and programs that help to protect children and give them the best opportunity in life. Here is how we are helping children and their families during the Tonga crisis and how you can donate to Tonga to help us continue our work.

How We Are Helping Children Affected By The Tonga Crisis

Many children in Tonga have lost their homes, their schools and are now having to face lockdowns in crowded evacuation shelters. The Tonga crisis is really taking its toll on children and their families. The virus has made it even harder to get aid through and the mental wellbeing of children is being severely impacted.
Some of the work we have done and continue to do during the Tonga crisis, with the generous support of those who donate to Tonga include:

  • Sending critical supplies to help keep kids learning (classroom kits, chalkboards, face masks, school bags and large tents to use as temporary classrooms)
  • Providing support and protection services for children, now and also ongoing, as they start to rebuild and recover from this crisis
  • ​Working with the Tongan Ministry of Education and Training to roll out remote educational resources via TV and radio
  • Setting up Child-Friendly Spaces provides a place for children to play, receive support and start to process what they’ve been through

Help Children In Desperate Need And Donate To Tonga Today

It can be hard seeing innocent children suffer - but we are doing what we can to help. By making a donation to Tonga through our Emergency Fund you too can make a huge difference to the lives of children and their families affected by the Tonga crisis.

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