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Family charity

Find out why Save the Children is one of the best family charities to support, across 4 key criteria. Become a monthly giver or make a once-off donation today.

Save the Children is a family charity that is the world’s leading independent organisation for children.
Below, discover what a family charity is, how Save the Children programs support families & communities and how to find family charities near you. Every child has the right to grow up feeling safe, happy and healthy with a bright future to look forward to. But the reality is different for many children internationally and in Australia.

Save the Children provides essential aid and development programs to protect children and their families from harm. As a non-profit family charity foundation, we are committed to building a better world for children, their families and communities. Find out more about family charity foundations.

What Is A Family Charity Foundation?

As a Family Charity foundation, we focus on protecting children from harm and helping them access quality education & health services. We run health, education and protection programs for children, families and communities across the globe. As a global family charity foundation, we were able to directly reached 38.7 million of the world’s most vulnerable children in 117 countries in 2019. Over 70% of donations also go directly to our project expenditure.
Here are some of the ways, as a family charity foundation we help children in need:

  • Health - We aim to make basic healthcare accessible through our health care programs like our low-cost signature primary healthcare model that has successfully improved the health of children & families and reduced mortality rates.

  • Education - We run several education programs designed to ensure children continue to learn in a safe and positive environment.

  • Protection - We have family charity foundation programs that we implement all over the world that help to keep children safe and ensure their rights as children are upheld.

  • Support - Through our emergency response programs, we aim to support children affected by disasters and crises around the world.

Find Family Charities Near Me

When searching for the best family charities near me, it’s important to know what types of programs they offer children and their families. Our emergency response programs provide life-saving essentials to children and their families.
To support your local family charity foundation, contact a family charity near me. You can also make a monthly donation to a family charity foundation today.

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