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Hunger Donation

Hunger affects millions of people worldwide, many of them in developing countries. 

Poverty hunger affects millions of people worldwide, many of them in developing countries. Our teams are always ready to provide life-saving essentials and hunger relief to children and their families around the world who are affected by disasters and humanitarian crises. Below, find out how you can make a hunger donation and why we are one of the best food donation charities to support.

Save The Children has been helping to support the world’s most vulnerable children by giving them a healthy start in life, an education and the chance at a better future for over 100 years. We work in over 117 countries and through our global reach & the generous support we receive we are able to improve the lives of millions of children.

Here is how you can help fight child hunger and support us in providing hunger relief to those in need.

Help Our Hunger Foundation Fight Against The Child Hunger Crisis

Through our emergency response, we provide food, clean water, healthcare and shelter as well as services such as education & protection support for children who are affected by disaster and humanitarian crises. To help severely malnourished children regain a healthy weight we give them high-nutrient peanut paste and once families have enough food, we then implement long term measures to prevent ongoing poverty hunger like distributing seeds, livestock feed and tools.

As one of the largest hunger-relief charities, we have been helping to provide poverty hunger relief in countries where there is a severe hunger crisis including South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Yemen. Learn more about the emergencies our teams are currently providing relief to.

Our food aid programs provide food to millions of children affected by hunger and famine crises making us one of the best food donation charities to support
  • Over 70% of funds we receive go directly to program expenditure
  • We have policies in place to ensure ongoing accountabilit
  • Our global scale and single structure (Save the Children International) ensures we are as efficient and effective as possible

Donate To Our Hunger Foundation Today

To support hunger relief charities, make a single or monthly donation to help us provide hunger relief to children & their families suffering from poverty hunger

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