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Indigenous Youth Homelessness Prevention Program

Find out how we help vulnerable youth to stay off the streets through our homelessness prevention programs. Make a donation today.

Our homelessness prevention programs are designed to help keep young people off the streets and give them the tools & skills to overcome challenges and develop into healthy & happy adults. Find out how we help to combat indigenous youth homelessness through our homeless prevention program below along with how you can support our charity for homeless youth.

Save the Children has been helping children and young people in need for over 100 years. We are the world’s leading independent organisation for children providing emergency response aid and programs designed to protect & nurture children to give them the best opportunities in life.

Here is how we help young people by working to prevent indigenous youth homelessness and the benefits of our homeless prevention program.

Indigenous Youth Homelessness

Many young people living in marginalised communities, particularly in Aboriginal communities, live in unsafe home environments whilst having limited access to support. This often leads to antisocial behaviour, drug & alcohol misuse, unsafe practices and indigenous youth homelessness.

By helping to improve living situations and providing guidance & support, we know this helps to give these youth a greater chance at reaching their full potential in life. By empowering young indigenous people to connect with their cultural identity and community this also gives them a sense of pride and purpose.

Benefits Of Our Homeless Prevention Program

We know that early intervention is key when it comes to youth homelessness. Providing diversionary activities helps to keep youth off the streets, reduce offending rates and alcohol & drug misuse. Our homeless prevention programs provide access to support from experienced youth workers. They provide a safe space for youth to play sports, express themselves creatively and participate in cultural activities with friends.

Our programs are designed to provide support for marginalised young people, helping them to:

  • Respond to adversity in a positive way by making positive life choices enabling them to overcome problems at home, school and in their communities

  • Have fun with other young people

  • Learn essential life skills

  • Increase their self-esteem

  • Stay in school

  • Develop safe practices

  • Build resilience

  • Learn the consequences of negative behavior

  • Increase their connection to culture and community

  • Engage with education, training and employment

Donate To A Charity For Homeless Youth Today

Donations enable us to continue to provide support for homelessness prevention and indigenous youth homelessness. To support our homeless prevention program you can make a single donation today or become a monthly giver. 79% of your donation goes directly towards program expenditure, making a real difference to young people who are homeless.

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