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Regular giving to charity

Regular giving to charity enables us to reach remote areas to save children from earthquakes, cyclones, conflict and disease.

Giving to charity can bring real joy to you as well as to those your charitable giving supports - particularly if you donate to an organisation like Save the Children. We’re one of Australia’s largest aid and development organisations and we believe every child deserves a bright future so we work hard to make sure nothing gets in their way. We want a world in which every child lives, learns and is safe from harm. Over 70% of funds from donations goes directly to program expenditure and in addition to providing aid in emergencies like the Yemen crisis and Indonesia Tsunami, we also manage and implement programs that assist children all around the world. 

Regular Giving Through Monthly Donations

Regular giving can save a child’s life and create powerful lasting change. A regular donation helps to make sure children have access to clean drinking water, won't go hungry or miss out on life-saving medicines. Your charitable giving helps children to receive an education, when they’ve lost their families to disaster & disease, or when they need protection from abuse & exploitation. Regular giving of just $20 a month could buy 100 bottles of water purification solution, (enough to make 10,000 litres of clean and safe drinking water). 

Single Donations 

As an alternative to regular giving, you can also make single donations such as the end of year charitable giving or giving to charity instead of Christmas gifts. By giving to charity instead of Christmas gifts or for other occasions, this is a fantastic way to give a gift that keeps on giving. The recipient also gets to experience the joy of charitable giving too!

In addition to single donation ideas like the end of year charitable giving, charitable giving can also include: 

  • Organising a fundraiser
  • Becoming a volunteer 
  • Joining a Local Member Branch
  • Becoming an Advocate
  • Partnering with us 

Make A Difference By Donating Today

Make a single donation or get involved with regular giving through monthly donations so children in need can benefit from your charitable giving today.

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