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Recycle for Change

Turn old items into a force for good.

Why you should recycle

Did you know that your old phones, laptops and containers could help the environment and your community?  Here’s how it works.

Recycling reduces pollution from landfills

Recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. It lowers the amount of pollution that goes into the air, soil and waterways, protecting both the environment and all the animals that rely on those ecosystems – including us!           

Recycling reduces manufacturing pollution

By reusing the valuable parts of those items, recycling helps to reduce the overall quantity of new parts that need to be manufactured. Choosing to recycle instead of discarding quality parts lowers the amount of pollution created at all stages of the supply chain; from the factories that produce items, to the boats, trains and planes that carry them around the world.

Recycling can raise funds to help children

Choosing to recycle through eligible organisations can support the work we do for children. Incredible initiatives from organisations like PhoneCycle and Containers for Change allow you to recycle your unwanted items while raising funds for Save the Children. This enables you to help the environment and support important projects in your local community.

How you can do it

So right about now you would be assuming there’s a catch to all these benefits – well there isn’t one! Simply sign up to one of the following organisations and you can start getting rid of unwanted items, reducing pollution and supporting our work with children!           


PhoneCycle offers simple and sustainable recycling solutions for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. By recovering and reusing parts from these devices, they have diverted over 63,000 kilograms of e-waste from landfills. 

How you can raise money for Save the Children through PhoneCycle:

  1. Collect old mobile phone and tablets.

    Organise an old device drive at your workplace, school or within your family. You must collect over 10 devices PhoneCycle will arrange a free courier collection.

  2. Send to PhoneCycle

    Once you have collected over 10 devices you can book a free collection with PhoneCycle. Once PhoneCycle has received the phone they will erase the data and assess the value.

  3. Donate to Save the Children

    Choose Save the Children Australia as your charity of choice and PhoneCycle will automatically donate the money to Save the Children.

  4. Share the word

    Tell everyone just how easy it is to fundraise for Save the Children this way and encourage others to do the same. Why not set up a collection at your workplace, school, or sports club?

Containers for Change (WA & QLD)

Containers for Change is an initiative helping residents of Western Australia and Queensland to recycle drink containers and put the profit towards creating lasting social change. Every container has the potential to be recycled, and every refund has the potential to be donated. 

If you live in QLD or WA and have a drink container with a 10c mark, you can bring it to Containers for Change and donate your refund to support Save the Children programs.

How you can raise money for Save the Children through Containers for Change:

  1. Save your containers

    If your drink container has a 10c mark, it can be recycled. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be saved. Make sure you take off the lids – we recycle those too, just separately.

  2. ​Bring them to containers for change

    Don’t let your containers’ potential go to waste. All across WA & QLD, they have refund points that will suit you. Depending on how many containers you’re returning and how you would like to receive your refund, find your local refund point.  You can find the best drop off location in WA here and in QLD here.

  3. Donate the refund

    Use Save the Children Australia’s scheme ID C10404179 when at your local refund point to donate the refund from your containers.

  4. Share the word

    Tell everyone just how easy it is to fundraise for Save the Children this way and encourage others to do the same. Why not set up a collection at your workplace, school or sports club?

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood