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Make a tax-deductible donation and help save lives now


We want your pre-loved items

21 November 2022, Retail

Donating is good for you and good for kids

Donations of items to sell in our retail shops are greatly appreciated. So, if you're looking for a new home for your books, bric-a-brac, furniture, clothing and homewares gathering dust on shelves, or you're wanting to make space in your wardrobe for some new threads, please contact your nearest shop.

Why donate to our Op Shops?

There are lots of good reasons to donate to your pre-loved items to a Save the Children Op Shop. Here are just some of the ways you’ll save when you donate.

Save Landfill

Every item donated and sold through our Op Shops contributes to a healthier future for everyone by saving over 3.2 million items from landfill each year. 

Save Children

Donated items sold through our Op Shops not only support children to have a better climate for the future, you're helping them here and now by supporting our programs here in Australia and overseas.

Save Space

Decluttering your home and workspace is not only good for physically freeing up space, it’s good for maintaining your mental health too. We encourage our community to donate unwanted items to our Op Shops.

What can you donate?

If it's good enough quality to give to a friend, then it's good enough to donate. Our Op Shops accept the following items:

  • Clothing, footwear and accessories in good condition

  • Household items that are in good condition

  • Toys, books, CDs, DVDs and Vinyl, that are in good condition

  • Small electrical items such as lamps and toasters in good, working condition.

  • Cots, porta-cots & cradles in good condition

  • Bassinets, play pens, walkers in good condition

  • High chairs, prams or strollers in good condition                                            

Our Margate, Brendale, Bateau Bay, Wollongong, Dandenong, Kidman Park, Regency Plaza, Cannington stores and Malaga Warehouse accept the following items:

  • Furniture that is not broken or stained

  • White goods that are in working condition

  • Rugs that are not stained

  • Larger electrical items such as TVs

Our Op Shops do not accept:

  • Mattresses and bedheads

  • Wet, stained, damp or mouldy garments

  • Textiles or leather with large rips, tears or holes

  • Lawnmowers

  • Magazines over 1 year old

  • Textbooks over 3 years old

  • Damaged frames or artworks

  • Chipped, stained or cracked crockery

  • Material remnants less than 20 cm square

  • Odd socks

  • Worn underwear/swimwear

  • Children’s/Adults clothing with flammable label (usually sleepwear)

  • Alcohol

  • Beanbags

  • Blinds and curtain tracks

  • Building materials including sinks, baths, basins, toilet bowls, shower screens, doors, glass panes, nces, timber or gates

  • Car parts

  • Clothing with company logos or uniforms

  • Commodes

  • Explosives, weapons, chemical or flammable products

  • Floor coverings including tiles, lino, carpet or underlay

  • Gas, oil or kerosene heaters

  • Vehicle safety belts

  • Washing lines

  • Baby/toddler/child car safety seats

Please ensure all donations are made to our Op Shops during opening hours. When items are dumped outside our stores they can be damaged or vandalised, and this means we must divert vital funds to pay for waste removal. We’d much rather use these funds to help build brighter futures for kids.
To find out exactly what your local store accepts as donations, we suggest you contact your local store.

Important Covid-19 information on handling second-hand goods

We recommend you take the following precautions before using any purchased items:

  • Wash any clothing, manchester and soft furnishings

  • Clean children's toys with disinfectant solution

  • Wipe down shoes, accessories, handbags, books and homewares with disinfectant solution

  • Clean/wipe down furniture with disinfectant solution

  • Clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water after handling second-hand goods.

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