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BIG RESPECT: Launch of new project in QLD aims to lift conversation about respect and domestic violence

Initiative invites communities across Queensland to start conversations around domestic and family violence and respect
20 November 2023

‘BIG Respect’ is a new project being launched across Queensland to lift the conversation on respect and drive community awareness of the impact of domestic and family violence ahead of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, which begins on the 25th of November.

54 reasons, Save the Children’s Australian service delivery arm, DVConnect, and VictimConnect are partnering with photographer and activist, PollyannaR, to generate conversations about gender-based and family violence by asking communities in Queensland to share what respect means to them.

PollyannaR will set up a pop-up-style photobooths across five different locations in Queensland, featuring her signature white backdrop, and invite passers-by to write down what ‘respect is’ to them and have their portrait taken as a public show of support. 

54 reasons Queensland State Director, Mena Waller, said projects that address the underlying discourse of domestic and family violence, and the impact it has on children, are incredibly important.

“We know children’s experiences of domestic and family violence are complex and varied, but what is undeniable is the fact that violence undermines the most fundamental foundations for a child’s life.

“The BIG Respect project is an opportunity for us to have open discussions with communities across Queensland, to talk about the meaning and importance of respect, and about the rights of all people including women and children, to live free from violence.” 

DVConnect Director of Clinical Governance Michelle Royes said:

“As the state-wide domestic, family, and sexual violence response service, we support Queenslanders every day to find their pathway to safety. We know that to end violence, community attitudes and awareness around domestic, family, and sexual violence is required. 

“To achieve this, conversations about gender-based violence and respect needs to be had by the entire communities of men, women, and children.  
“This campaign is an opportunity to connect with communities right across Queensland from Mount Isa to the Gold Coast, in an inclusive, creative, and engaging manner to start and continue these conversations.”

Photographer and Activist, PollyannaR said: 

“Often with big complex community issues it's easy to feel powerless to change the statistics with individual action. In reality every person has the power to make a impact and art is wonderful vehicle to give everyone an opportunity to share their voice and make a public stand for their values.

“These declarations shared through social media can signal to their friends and family that they are a safe person to confine in if they are expecting violence and connect them to incredible network of support available.”

In partnership with 54 reasons, DVConnect and VictimConnect, PollyannaR will create pop-up photobooths across Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville, Mt Isa, Toowoomba from November 20th to the 23rd.

Participants will receive a print of their portrait on the spot to take home. PollyannaR will also share images across social media platforms before finishing the project with an online gallery to be unveiled on the 6th of December. 


MEDIA CONTACT: Mala Darmadi on 0425562113 or Kayla Zonneveld on or 0432 765 802 or


The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international campaign that kicks off on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and runs until 10 December, Human Rights Day.  

54 reasons 
54 reasons, Save the Children’s Australian service delivery arm, works in almost 200 communities and locations in every Australian state and territory. 54 reasons delivers quality services to children and families to support child development, diverts young people from the justice system, responds to domestic and family violence, and amplifies children’s voices and participation in decision making.  

DV Connect 
DVConnect is a leading provider of evidence-based and trauma-informed services to people who have experienced violent crime and has assisted Queenslanders find pathways to safety, away from domestic, family and sexual violence (DFSV) for decades.

VictimConnect is a 24/7/365 service that puts the safety and rights of victims at the centre of all decision making. VictimConnect's work recognises and builds on opportunities for the person to regain a sense of hope, self-determination, and empowerment and to have a meaningful life of their choosing, beyond the catastrophic effects of violent crime.

PollyannaR’s bold arts career started with making one of the world’s longest photographs. Passionate about empowering people and regenerating places through art and activism. The BIG Picture projects are an experiential process to learn deeply about the complex social justice issues through a creative advocacy process alongside and with the community. Photography is just one instrument in an orchestra of art forms PollyannaR uses to create change, joy and understanding in the world.

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