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Global ceasefire could help protect the lives of 415 million children

As Syria reports first case of COVID-19 and Yemen marks five years of war
24 March 2020

Inger Ashing, CEO of Save the Children International, said: 

“There are 415 million children living in conflict - they are dying from violence, recruited and abducted, detained and abused. Now they face the added risk of losing loved ones to the virus or being infected themselves. It is impossible to properly fight such a pandemic when bombs are falling, or go to a hospital when bullets are flying. You can’t scale up much needed health services when soldiers are fighting in the streets.

“Covid-19 attacks families everywhere indiscriminately and is set to wreak havoc on millions of children’s lives. Save the Children fully supports the call of the Secretary General who today called for a global ceasefire to be enacted immediately, to help protect children in conflict from further danger. 

“We now need to support countries that have been ravaged by war for years. Countries where the health systems are already at breaking point – they need time to prepare themselves as best as they can for what might be coming. A stop to the fighting will give them that space. The world needs to come together in humanity at this moment, and that’s not possible in places where war is raging.”


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