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Queensland politicians must step up to reform state’s broken youth justice system

The collapse of the bipartisan parliamentary committee tasked with examining youth justice in Queensland is a missed opportunity to reform a broken system, said 54 reasons, which delivers Save the Children’s services in Australia. 
18 April 2024

The Youth Justice Reform Select Committee was disbanded late Wednesday during a Parliamentary session after the committee failed to agree on an interim report, according to media reports.

Mena Waller, Queensland State Director of 54 reasons, said it was deeply disappointing that the committee examining youth justice in Queensland had been dissolved, and raised questions about politicians’ commitment to improving the system. 

“When it comes to youth justice in this state, we desperately need politicians to take politics out of policy. Unless that happens, we will continue to see systematic breaches of children’s rights in the system and people left feeling unsafe in their communities,”  Ms Waller said.  

“Time and time again, we are seeing children affected by circumstances outside their control – from poverty to racism – and further punished by a justice system designed to penalise, not rehabilitate. Now, politicians have let down Queensland children again by walking away from a mechanism that could have been the catalyst for real change for children, victims, and communities across the state.” 


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  • 54 reasons, Save the Children’s Australian service delivery arm, works in almost 200 communities and locations in every Australian state and territory. 54 reasons delivers quality services to children and families to support child development, diverts young people from the justice system, responds to domestic and family violence, and amplifies children’s voices and participation in decision making. 

  • Save the Children and 54 reasons' submission to the Youth Justice Select Committee Inquiry can be found here.

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