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2022: A Bold Ambition

21 February 2022, Impact of Our Work

We will do what it takes to keep children safe

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity to learn from the challenges we have faced and imagine what can be achieved in the year ahead.

To meet this moment, Save the Children is looking ahead at 2022 with a determination to do what it takes to keep children safe. With the help of our incredible supporters, we are working with children and their families, at home and overseas, to strengthen the wellbeing, resilience and recovery of young people.
We’re doing this by supporting children through their critical early years with newborn and maternal health care, and immunisation programs. By championing the educational development of children and helping those at risk of dropping out to stay in school and reach their potential. And by helping protect children by keeping them safe from abuse and harm.

Take a look at some of the ways we are supporting children in 2022.

A key focus for the year ahead will be amplifying the voices of children and young people, including supporting children’s own climate campaigning and advocacy. With your support, children will not only receive assistance in times of disaster but also be empowered to speak up about climate change decisions that affect their lives.

Our ambition for 2022 is to keep children learning, to support them to grow, to overcome hunger, to make sure their voices are heard and to help build resilient families. Your support is more valued now than ever before.

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