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A whole new world of sounds and voices

22 March 2023, Impact of Our Work

Building a better future for children in Yemen

"Sometimes, we don't even have enough to eat. And then we had Rami*. It was tough, but we never gave up. We wanted him to have a normal life where he can dream and grow up safe." – Abdullah*, Rami's father.

Rami is an eight-year-old boy who was born with hearing difficulties and talipes equinovarus (TEV), a congenital foot anomaly. His father, Abdullah, is a farm worker in a small village in Yemen and can barely make enough to put food on the table, let alone cover the cost of Rami's medical needs. As a result, Rami spent most of his childhood isolated and struggling to understand the world around him. 

The lifechanging impact of support

Last year Ayman*, a Save the Children social worker reached out to Rami's family and provided them with much-needed support. Rami was given a hearing assistive device and received extensive psychosocial support sessions to help him communicate. Abdullah also benefitted from psychosocial support sessions, learning new ways to support his son. 

“[Ayman] taught me new ways to help Rami express himself,” says Abdullah, “he also organised a few visits to the health centre where they did a few tests and later provided Rami with the hearing device and that was a life changing event for the entire family.” 

Rami*, 8, pictured with the hearing device that he received at a health centre supported by
Save the Children in Hajjah, Yemen.

Rami’s intense excitement was extremely contagious. His eyes were sparkling with joy as he began to explore a whole new world of sounds and voices. Everyone was trying to reach out to him to introduce him to a new sound ... He even began speaking! I really can’t describe how his mum and I feel when he says ‘papa’ and ‘mama’. Every day brings immense joy to all of us watching him repeating the alphabet and getting excited about the sound of sheep and its bells.


Additionally, Rami’s family have received cash transfers to ensure that they can pay for basic necessities like medication. Thanks to the incredible support of our donors,  Rami is exploring a new world of sounds and filling his family with joy and hope.

The opportunity to learn and dream

Rami's family is excited to see their son experiencing his surrounding environment in new ways, using tools and knowledge that weren't available until recently. Rami's teacher says that he is getting along well in school and has started to interact with his classmates. Rami is no longer lonely and is able to engage with others in a way that he never could before. 

Rami*, 8, pictured beside his 42-year-old father, Abdullah*, at a health centre in Hajjah,
Yemen where he receives treatment for his foot and hearing.

This is the 8th anniversary of Yemen conflict. The ongoing crisis has had a devastating impact on children and families throughout the country.

But thanks to our kind donors, Rami and children like him have the opportunity to explore and learn,  to make friends and engage with others, and to dream of a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.
Photos: Bassam Al-Thulaya / Save the Children.

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