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After the flood

23 February 2024, Impact of Our Work

Rebuilding a life after home washed away

In her short life, 14-year-old Aamira has seen the increasing devastation of floods in her home country of Sudan. In 2020 a deluge ripped through her community destroying her family home and killing some of her friends. With no other options available to them, the teenager, her mother Ameena* and the rest of their family fled to Cairo.
I felt really sad because I lost my home. Some of my friends died in the flood too. As for the situation here in Egypt, when I came, I was sad and crying. I wanted to return to Sudan, but I was afraid of Sudan because of the flood.


The flood came at night

Aamira’s village in Sudan is located beside a river. The one-room house made of mud and thatch that her family lived in was no match for the raging water that swept through the community during the night. Across Sudan, villages like Aamira’s have been damaged and destroyed by flooding. Rain fall has increased each year due in part to climate change. 

“When they woke up … they found houses demolished and overflowed. Our house was demolished in the flood. I felt really sad because I lost my home … Some of my friends died in the flood, too,”  Aamira* tells us. 

With nowhere else to go the family were forced to flee to Egypt.

Aamira,* 14 (right) participating in an activity at a community school in Cairo, Egypt.

Education providing hope

Now living in Cairo, Aamira is focused on her education and attends a community school supported by Save the Children. The school provides support to Sudanese children living in the area and is helping families to rebuild their lives in their adopted home. While being forced to leave her country and find her feet in a new place has been difficult, Aamira is thriving in her new school.

Thanks to the support of Save the Children donors, Aamira is able to focus on her education. She was also provided with life-skill sessions which taught her about her rights and relationships skills. 

Aamira’s mother Ameena* beams with pride when speaking about her daughter and shares her hope that Aamira will grow up to achieve her dreams.

“Education is the most important thing for me. Aamira is doing excellently at school. Thank God for that,”  says Ameena.*

Aamira,* 14, poses with her mother Ameena,* outside their home in Cairo, Egypt.

Life returning to normal

Like a lot of teenagers her age, Aamira hopes to travel the world and see places like the Taj Mahal in India and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. She also dreams of one day visiting the home country of her favourite musical group BlackPink in South Korea. But amongst all these dreams, Aamira has not forgotten Sudan.

I hope no more floods affect Sudan because it would displace people. I wish to change Sudan to a better condition. I don't want them to be in a crisis and [I want them to] have a good life.


Aamira is still deciding what she wants to be when she grows up.  While she has wanted to be a doctor since she was very small, she is realistic about her goals and wants to wait to see how her grades go. Whatever Aamira chooses to do, thanks to the generosity of Save the Children supporters, the future is a little brighter.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.

Photos: Sima Diab / Save the Children.

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