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Educating children through play

17 August 2020, Impact of Our Work

Vulnerable children given a chance to play, learn and get school-ready

It’s fun, friendship and free play. And it’s making a huge difference for pre-schoolers across Queensland. Save the Children’s supported playgroups gives children opportunities for creative, unstructured learning through play and parents the chance to build strong attachments with their children as they share experiences together. 

For the children who attend the Play2Learn playgroups it’s a chance to run around, draw, paint or sing nursery rhymes with their friends. But for some parents it can be a lifeline. 

With family support integrated into the Play2Learn playgroups, parents are helped in a safe environment to understand and interact with their kids in ways that support their learning and develop healthy family bonds. 

Watch how Play2Learn is making a difference for Queensland families. 

Family support keeps families connected

Charity Mwanza is a Family Support Worker for Save the Children. She works alongside an Early Childhood Educator to deliver the Play2Learn playgroups every week. “When we can grow that connection between a parent and a child, they are more motivated to take part in the activities, to play and learn,” she says. “You can see children wanting to show their mum or dad new things they’ve learnt and share it with them. The playgroups help children play and learn, and get ready for school, but so much of that foundation lies in a supportive family environment.” 

With many of the families taking part being from refugee or migrant families, Charity says building connections between families is also important.

Families can meet with each other, talk about the ways they are feeling, and the different things they are doing with their kids at home. For these families, many of whom have few supports in the community, we’re helping them build their village.

Charity Mwanza

Every parent wants the best start in life for their child. Through the generosity of Save the Children supporters, these Queensland kids are getting just that.

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