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Giving Nusair a fighting chance

20 October 2021, Impact of Our Work

How Nusair was saved from malnutrition

When Suad looks back on what life was like three years ago, she can only shake her head. Back then, her baby Nusair was just 11 months old and suffering from severe malnutrition. Thanks to generous Save the Children supporters, he was able to get the help he needed and is now a thriving three-year-old.

When Nusair first started getting sick in August 2018, Suad was able to take him to a Save the Children clinic in Hodeidah. But as conflict escalated in Yemen, they had to move away from the fighting, but also far from healthcare that had so far sustained her little boy.
When Save the Children returned to Suad’s home in October for a check-up, we found no one there.  After many hours of searching our staff managed to locate Nusair. To stay safe from the bombings, they had moved to a much more remote area. In their new makeshift house, they didn’t even have a roof to protect them from the rain.


Nusair suffered from severe malnutrition. His mother, Suad, wasn’t sure if he’d make it.
Photo: Mohammed Awadh / Save the Children.


Getting the right help for Nusair

We found Nusair in a worse condition than when he first came to our clinic in August. When Nusair started to lose weight and weaken again, Suad couldn’t afford to make the long trip to the hospital. Suad also didn’t have enough money to buy him nutritious food, so Nusair’s health deteriorated further. He continued to suffer from malnutrition and severe watery diarrhoea.
Suad makes it clear, at the time, there just wasn’t enough to eat.

When I prepare the breakfast, I pray that we will be able to have lunch, and when lunch comes I wonder what to have for supper. I wonder what to prepare or cook. And when you go to sleep you start thinking about what you are going to feed them tomorrow or where you are going to get it from.


Thanks to our supporters, we were able to refer Nusair to hospital for further treatment and cover the cost of transport for him. We also provided the family with nutrient-rich food baskets to help Suad feed Nusair.

Now healthy and happy, Nusair loves playing with his Mum, Suad, in their home in Yemen.
Photo: Mohammed Awadh / Save the Children.


A healthier, happier Nusair

It’s now been three years since those dark days when Suad didn’t know if her little boy would survive. Today Nusair is a thriving three-year-old. He loves riding his bike and playing with his friends. And Suad couldn’t be more grateful.
“My baby now is healthier and normal like any child after medical support provided by Save the Children. He is now gaining more weight and his health is good. He doesn’t suffer from any disease. He is walking normally, interacts and responds with everyone in the family. After having lunch, he loves to play with his friends. He likes to go out with his father everywhere and he loves to ride his bicycle”.
Although the urgent assistance was welcomed when Nusair was a baby, Yemen is still in conflict, and things are still difficult for the family.
“We’re still surviving in this tough life, despite the increasing prices and the unavailability of the basics,” Suad says.
But her baby is alive, and she has hope for the future. “I was really losing hope since I didn't find any charity to treat my child and return the smile to his face. At that time, I really surrendered to the destiny. Days went on and Save the Children identified my son's situation. They were really honest and provided comprehensive treatment and continuous medical checks up. Now he looks fine. His body seems healthy and he grow up healthier.”

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