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Madagascar’s next superstar

16 August 2019, Impact of Our Work

Young people like Bolo are being given a chance to dream of bigger things.

Madagascar produces 80% of the world’s vanilla, though being a vanilla farmer can be a fragile existence. A whole crop can be wiped out in a day by extreme weather, decimated by disease or even stolen.

But these are not matters that concern a boy like Bolo.

“I’m not stressed. I keep calm and cool. This is how I farm vanilla, I do it with all my heart.”

Bolo learnt how to farm vanilla through Save the Children’s ‘Vanilla for Change’ program. 

The program provides training for young people, helps them get a fair price for their crop and makes sure they have essentials like health insurance and back up crops. 

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve been able to reach 2,000 young people in 36 villages in Madagascar. 

Despite the lack of opportunities for young people in Madagascar, Bolo has big ambitions for a super bright future.

“Sometimes I compose ten songs in a day,” he says. “One day I’ll become very famous. I’ll sing and many people will watch my show, yes.”

 Watch Bolo’s story here.


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