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#KidsOffNauru: Our youth ambassadors join the call

18 October 2018, Action for Change

Friday 19th to Sunday 28th Oct is National Children’s Week

This is a week to celebrate and applaud the achievements of our young people, which is why this week we are proud to see our Youth Ambassadors standing up for the children of Nauru.

For too long children and their families have been trapped on the island of Nauru in cruel and inhumane conditions without adequate health, education or employment options. 

That is why our Youth Ambassadors are calling on Australia's political leaders, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, to free the 95 children trapped on Nauru by Universal Children's Day on 20th November.

“They are the “Foreign Children” that we are told to ignore, but how do we sleep at night, knowing they are begging to die? When the decision to save them is simple! I urge the government to show some compassion, put politics aside and to bring those children to safety, to have the opportunity to heal from the trauma they have endured. A child’s wellbeing is everyone’s business!" – Bassam Maaliki, 15, NSW
“No child asked to be a refugee or to be imprisoned on Nauru. Asylum, liberty and security are basic human rights.

Kupakwashe Matangira, 17, NSW
"No one deserves to go through what these kids are forced to live and see each day."

Alex Dunmill, 16, VIC

“The current conditions endured by these kids is deplorable. All children deserve the right to just to be kids.”

 Immy Radford, 16, NSW
“Australia’s lack of compassion in accepting refugees is disappointing. Every child has the right to safety, not a metal cage”

Ben Jackman, 18, QLD

“We cannot be silenced while innocent children continue to be denied access to basic human rights on Manus Island.  We will not stand for politicians that arbitrarily decide which children’s lives are valuable and which are not.”

Zahra Bilal, 16, NSW

Our Youth Ambassadors work to uphold, promote and protect children's rights They speak out on issues that matter most to them, and represent the views of their peers at events, in the media and in parliament.

You can learn more about our Youth Ambassadors here.

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