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Run to Save

14 August 2023, Action for Change

Taking steps towards change

On a crisp Melbourne morning, a group of colleagues from Save the Children laced up their running shoes and embarked on a journey that was about more than just the finish line. This was a day of camaraderie, challenge, and charity.

When asked why they took part in a challenging run on a cold weekend in the middle of a Melbourne winter, the answers reveal a wide variety of motivations. 

“I was curious to see if I had it in me,”  says Rachel, who confessed to not being a runner at all. For others like Roberto, Kelly and Mark, it was a chance to get fitter with the added motivation of a good cause and connecting with colleagues to spur them on. Cat was looking for a challenge with a clear end date, “I then thought, why not throw a team together to raise some funds,”  she says.

Together the team more than doubled their fundraising target, which goes to support Save the Children Australia’s health, education and protection work. 

A chilly morning, but a warm community

The day of the run was filled with excitement and energy. Despite the early start time and frosty chill in the air, the sight of countless participants and supporters filled the runners with a sense of anticipation. 

“The walk down to the village was long, but electrifying,”  says Rachel. 

“Along the route, the spectators' unwavering support added to the uplifting atmosphere as they cheered and waved colourful signs with motivational messages, igniting an infectious enthusiasm that fuelled my determination,”  says Roberto. 

“Once the run got underway, I barely noticed the temperature,”  says Kelly, “a great morning for a trot!”

The day was filled with memorable moments. Roberto fondly recalls the choir in the botanic gardens singing motivational songs, and the lively group playing Eye of the Tiger on trumpets. Rachel's favourite memory is seeing her teammate Gabi, who arrived just as the race commenced, running the whole event with her backpack, making her “look like a turtle”. 

[Left to right] On the run with Mike with Gabi, who completed the whole race looking like a turtle with her backpack.
Photo: Mike Chilton / Save the Children.

Mark cherishes the moment of crossing the finish line and seeing so many proud faces. Kelly found the feeling of finishing to be particularly rewarding after the uphill struggle of the last 500 metres. For Cat, the highlight was realising she could complete the challenge while having fun.

[Left to right] Roberto, Mark and Lisa celebrating their success. “It was a day filled with empowerment,”  says Roberto,
“reaffirming the significance of collective efforts in bringing about positive change.”
Photo: Caroline Reid / Save the Children.

Sweat for a cause

When asked whether they would encourage others to organise a fundraiser, the responses were an emphatic “yes!”. Roberto reflects on the astounding success of his journey, raising more than double his initial fundraising target. Rachel says the fundraising platform made the process of taking part really simple, and Mark encourages others to push themselves because the end result is very rewarding. 

[Left to right] Cat, Kelly, Mike and Rachel – ready to celebrate with some well-earned drinks and hot chips!
Photo: Caroline Reid / Save the Children.

“Do it!”  says Cat, “it’s easy to set up and the process of sharing your fundraiser is so much easier now with social media. Whether it’s $5 or $50 it all helps.”

Your Turn to Lace Up

Inspired by their efforts? Why not create your own? Set up a fundraiser, challenge yourself, and make a difference. Whether it's a run, a walk, or a marathon, every step you take can create lasting change. So, tie up those laces, hit the pavement, and remember – it's not just about the finish line, it's about the journey and the cause you're running for.

Organise a team and Run to Save today!

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