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Messages from you

02 August 2023, Impact of Our Work

A snapshot of gratitude 

With mid-year just gone, it’s an opportunity to reflect and give thanks for the incredible support we have received during a deeply challenging yet encouraging year to date. 

As the world grows more complex and the inequality gap continues to widen, we have been overwhelmed by the kindness of our supporters reaching across the divide to assist with such compassion and humanity.

These precious gifts are brought to life through the tireless efforts of our program staff delivering life-changing aid and programs to children and families around the world.

In our last supporter survey, we invited our wonderful supporters to send messages to our program staff and were touched by the recurring themes across more than a thousand messages that were as diverse as our community of supporters.

The tones range from ebullient to downright heart wrenching, and from general to deeply personal. Here’s a snapshot of the messages that were shared for our wonderful team around the theme of ‘gratitude’ to inspire and remind us of the best of humanity during difficult times. Thank you to everyone who sent a message of support.

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