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She got life-saving treatment

10 September 2020, Impact of Our Work

Baby Rhama’s on her way to a healthy future

She was nine months old and weighed little more than a newborn by the time she was admitted to the Save the Children supported Health Centre in Somalia. But as little Rhama teetered on the edge of life and death, generous Save the Children supporters made sure she wasn’t forgotten. 

As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring the health and safety of our loved ones is at the top of our minds. For Rhama’s mum Amina, seeing Rhama deteriorate frightened her badly. “What worries me is watching when my children are sick and far from any medical centers and owning no means to cure them,” she says. 

But at the Health Centre supported by Save the Children, Rhama was able to receive the therapeutic food, medicine and treatment she needed to fight off hunger and infection. Over 10 days of treatment, care and support, she gradually became stronger, gained weight and was finally well enough to go home. 
Thanks to our generous supporters, Rhama’s life has changed forever.

Our loyal supporters are helping to save the lives of children like Rhama by providing therapeutic food and medical treatment, as well as breastfeeding counselling and support for their mothers. It’s earning the gratitude of their mothers for a lifetime. “There is a big difference in my child,” Amina says. “I would like to thank Save the Children for establishing the health center and especially a department for child care for those whose nutrients are low.”

Now she has hope for the future again. 

I wish my children will live a life a good health, a better life and a good education. What makes me happy is watching my children living a happy life, a good health, a life free from trouble.


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