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What’s our obligation to future generations?

02 February 2023, Action for Change, Climate

Save the Children’s Board Chair reflects on our Climate Q & A event

Larry Kamener, shared his concern and sense of obligation to children of the future during Save the Children’s recent online climate Q&A event. 

In a coming together across generations and the Pacific, the focus of the event was very much on generating hope through the actions we can each take now. 

Looking to the future with the pragmatic vision of a business leader, Larry, a self-described baby boomer and grandfather, drew attention to the practical realities by reflecting on Save the Children’s long-term vision and his own contribution, including the gift in his Will that he sees as key to addressing the challenges posed by climate change.  

If you’d like to be informed, encouraged, and inspired by Save the Children’s response to questions posed by children and supporters in the face of a changing climate you can view some thematic highlights of the online Climate Q&A event below.  

​If like Larry, you would like to extend your support for the world’s most vulnerable children into the future, you can find information about making a gift through your Will on our website here

I worry deeply about our stewardship of the planet for future generations…. I’m very conscious of the fact that I’ve led a privileged life…I’m determined to give back in a number of ways through advocacy, personal actions, and making donations - including a bequest in my Will. The fact that Save the Children has really stepped up on climate change – a quintessential child rights issue, really increased my desire to do that.

Larry Kamener, Chair, Save the Children Australia

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