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World's children 2018 winter edition

11 July 2018, Impact of Our Work

How you changed lives in Australia and around the world

Making a donation to Save the Children is more than just supporting a good cause. It’s about having a positive and lasting impact on people’s lives. Inside our Winter edition, you’ll find out how a strong community can help shape the future for its children.

You’ll read about how your support is helping Rohingya refugees take shelter from the monsoon. And how, because of supporters like you, young women and girls in Niger can regain control of their lives when they are given the chance to choose their own path.

Thank you for being a part of an amazing community who share the vision of a world where all children get the chance to fulfil their dreams. Read an excerpt of Jess's story from the World's Children magazine below.

Jess's story

Jess* is living with her two children in a single room of a friend’s house in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland. She’s 22 and has been looking for her own place but rentals are limited and expensive.

Jess has just started bringing her little ones to Save the Children’s Supported Playgroup. The playgroups offer a place where children can play freely with other kids their own age. They offer parents to feel safe and supported, where they can build friendships with other mums and dads in their community.

At just her third visit to the playgroup, Jess met some other young mums who became concerned about her housing issues. The mums – each experiencing unique challenges of their own – began asking around and were soon on the phone to a friend of a friend who had a place to rent. One even offered for Jess to stay with her in the meantime. They’d just met that day.

This is what community spirit is about. Sometimes it’s about allowing the space for trust to build between peers and letting people wait until it feels ok to reach out.

We hope you enjoy these stories. You should feel proud to be a part of them. Read how your incredible support is bringing communities together and changing the lives of families, in our Winter edition of our World's Children magazine.

*Names have been changed.

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