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Charitable Donations Australia

Make a charitable donation in Australia with lasting results. Become a monthly giver to support our emergency response and aid programs for the community.

Save the Children consider that the best charitable donations are the ones that deliver long lasting results and positively change the lives of children and their families. We rely on regular monthly charitable donations to fund our lifesaving emergency response and aid programs in Australia and overseas. With a $40 donation a month providing 2,400 people with safe and clean drinking water, your monthly charitable donations don’t have to break your budget. If you’re passionate about every child being given the best opportunities for a bright future, please donate today.

How Your Charity Donations Help Us

When you’re working out where your charity donations in Australia should go, it’s important to consider the ethics, accountability and impact the charity makes. With over 100 years of field experience in Australia and overseas, we’re on the frontline of delivering life-saving aid and development programs for children and their families. 

We manage and implement programs by working in partnership with local communities, other NGO’s, all levels of government, community and advocacy groups. 

Your monthly donation helps us provide assistance to millions of children every year. The issues our programs help with include:

  • Health: improving the health of children and their families by strengthening healthcare systems around the world.
  • Education: breaking the cycle of poverty by creating better access to quality education delivered in a positive and safe environment.
  • Child Protection: preventing the exploitation, neglect, abuse and violence by helping communities protect their children.
  • Emergencies: providing care and emotional support for children and their families when disaster strikes. This includes delivering food, water, healthcare, safe shelter and building temporary schools.
  • Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: working with children to reduce their vulnerability to natural disasters and to withstand climate change impacts.

Discover how charitable giving has made a positive impact on children suffering malnutrition, famine, conflict and war. Our evidence based programs reach children and their families in Australia and 20 other countries including South-East and South-Central Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Pacific region. Find out how we’ve helped children and their families.

How To Make Charitable Bequests

After your death, your charitable giving and dedication to help others can continue. Charitable contributions to your favourite charity can be organised by a note in your will called a bequest. To include a charity bequest in your will for Save the Children Australia, it’s important to contact your solicitor or lawyer. Request a brochure.

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