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Charity jobs and work in Africa

For charity jobs and work in Africa, we’re looking for qualified people to help deliver aid. However, you can still make a difference by doing local charity work. Learn more today.

Charity jobs with Save The Children are not only a fulfilling and meaningful thing for you to do but they also play a vital role in helping us improve the lives of vulnerable children. Charity work is also a great way to meet new people, become part of our wonderful community and can also help you improve your career prospects. Below, find out the positive impacts volunteer charity work has on the lives of children, along with how to find charity work near me. 

We are the world’s leading independent organisation for children with nearly 100 years of experience. We provide emergency response assistance to children who have been affected by disaster, providing life-saving essentials & services such as education & protection support. We also manage and implement programs in Australia & internationally to create positive change for children, families and their communities. 

Who Can Do Volunteer Charity Work?

Our charity work volunteers range from 18 to 85 years old, come from many different backgrounds and bring diverse skills to our organisation. Our amazing volunteers help in our op shops, offices, programs and at our events. To get inspired and become part of our fantastic volunteering community, here are some of our volunteer stories.

We are always looking out for volunteers and provide training, guidance and employee support for our charity work volunteers. We have specific charity work roles available in most states that you can apply for or you can express a general interest - we will keep your details on file and get in touch with you when something suitable comes available. 

The Difference Charity Work Makes For The Lives Of Children

By donating your time to volunteer charity work, you can help us achieve three breakthroughs for children:

  1. All children survive. No child dies from preventable causes before their fifth birthday
  2. All children learn. Every child learns from a basic quality education
  3. All children are safe. Violence against children is no longer tolerated

Volunteer Charity Work In Africa

Many people are interested in volunteering for charity work in Africa. However, Save the Children employs only local and highly-qualified people to assist agencies to deliver aid and help rebuild people's lives in many parts of Africa. For Save the Children, your time and effort could make a bigger difference by doing charity work closer to home.

Find Volunteer Charity Work Near Me

If you would like to volunteer for charity work, view our current charity work opportunities here. So you can find charity work near you, you can view opportunities by state. If you’re ready to make a valuable contribution to the lives of children register to volunteer for charity work today!

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood