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Children Donation Charities

Learn about our global network of children donation charities & the work we do in over 125 countries. Make a single or regular donation online today.

As one of Australia’s best children donation charities, Save the Children works tirelessly to give underprivileged children in Australia and overseas access to education, clean water, food and safe shelter. We deliver our evidence-based emergency response and lifesaving aid programs in more than 125 countries as part of a global network of children donation charities.

We work tirelessly towards achieving the following three goals:

  1. That no child dies from preventable causes before their 5th birthday
  2. That all children have access to a good quality basic education
  3. That violence, exploitation and abuse against children are no longer tolerated.

Working in conjunction with local communities, other NGO’s and all levels of government, we work hard to reach boys and girls who are caught up in humanitarian emergencies, climate change and disasters.

How Monthly Donations Can Make A Significant Difference

You can help us keep changing children’s lives with a regular monthly children donation. A $20 donation each month buys 100 bottles of water purification solution, $50 a month helps us vaccinate 25 children against measles and $60 a month provides 3 months of support for a child to recover from trauma. With 73 cents of every dollar raised and donated going directly into our programs, you get peace of mind that your hard-earned money is going to children who need our help. 

Drawing on over 100 years of field experience, all our activities are conducted ethically and legally in line with our very high standards of integrity. As one of Australia’s top children’s donation charities, we are a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct*. 

How To Donate Children’s Books

One of the ways we fund our lifesaving programs is through our online book store and op shops. When you donate kids’ books to us, you not only help us make money but will be giving the joy of reading to another child and their family. Another way you can help us is to buy your children’s books from our online book store.

*ACFID Code of Conduct:   

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