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Donate to children in Yemen

Make a difference and donate to children in Yemen by supporting our various emergency response programs. Find out more & donate online today!

What Is Happening in Yemen Right Now?

Since 2015, Yemen has been in the grip of a brutal civil war. The conflict has killed thousands and left millions on the brink of famine.

Schools and hospitals have been destroyed, with playgrounds turning into graveyards during the fighting which is happening almost every day. A whole generation is suffering in Yemen. Children are struggling for their future and the future of their country.

Yemen is experiencing a severe humanitarian crisis which you can help to alleviate by donating to children in Yemen today.

Why the People of Yemen Need Your Help

The people of Yemen are going through one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. More than 4 million people have been internally displaced, and there is a very real risk of famine. Yemen has less than 1% of the world's population, but it is home to 4 million refugees.

Humanitarian aid access is difficult due to the ongoing conflict in the country, and things are only getting worse. A generation of children is growing up in deprivation and suffering due to years of conflict.

Our emergency appeal helps to save lives through helping children and their families with food, water, healthcare, sanitation, education etc. We also provide child protection and psycho-social support activities to help children who have been affected by this crisis.

Please donate now to help us reach as many people as possible with lifesaving assistance. You can also support our cause by spreading awareness, organising a fundraiser, volunteering or partnering with us.

How Will My Donation to Children in Yemen Help?

Thank you for considering donating to help children in Yemen. Your donation will go a long way in helping us provide much-needed relief and protection to some of the world's most vulnerable children.
Here are some examples of how your donation could help:

  • Your monthly donation will help us provide ongoing relief and protection for refugees.

  • We are working around the clock to protect children in Yemen, and your donation will help us reach millions of children with supplies like food, water and shelter.

  • Every month, millions of children and their families have access to safe water thanks to donors like you.

  • We continue to treat children suffering from malnutrition including those with severe malnutrition through our stabilisation centre.

  • We can continue to run and set up more temporary learning spaces and child-friendly spaces that enable children to play, learn and start the recovery from the trauma and stress.

Please donate to children in Yemen today so we can continue providing essential aid to those in desperate need.

Ways You Can Give to the Yemen Crisis

There are many ways in which you can donate or give to the Yemen crisis. Donations make a real difference in enabling our teams on the ground in Yemen to continue to provide the essential aid and support to children and their families. Other ways you can support us and give to the Yemen crisis include:

Donate to the Yemen Crisis Today

The Yemen crisis is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. More than 22 million people (three-quarters of the population) need assistance, and more than 8 million are on the brink of famine.

Your donation helps us to provide food, emergency supplies, and humanitarian assistance such as medical care for children in need. No matter where they are located in Yemen or what their situation is like, your donation will assist a family or child in need. Every dollar donated will help save a life in Yemen.

Make a one-off donation today or you can become a monthly giver. When you donate to children in Yemen you know you are helping to save a child.

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