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Syrian Conflict and Save the Children 

Learn about the Syrian conflict and how Save the Children are providing essential aid. Contribute to our ongoing programs with a monthly donation.

With the Syrian conflict ongoing since 2011 and with no signs of it ending, it’s now been classified as an ongoing civil war. And while it doesn’t make news headlines much anymore, there’s over 6.6 million people who are internally displaced in Syria and at least 5.6 million Syrians who are refugees. Conservative estimates indicate that at least 4 million children have never known anything else but the Syrian conflict. Save the Children has been on the ground delivering emergency response programs to children and their families since the Syrian conflict began.

Save The Children Syria response

With more than 4.6 million children in Syria facing hunger, we’re on the ground delivering lifesaving aid. From providing clean drinking water and food to delivering health care, warm clothing and safe shelter. Working on the ground in this humanitarian emergency, our specialist teams work closely with local communities, other NGOs, all levels of government and advocacy groups to deliver lifesaving aid and evidence based programs.
Even before COVID-19, it was difficult for children to get the basic care they needed to survive. With food prices rising and access to clean water getting harder, a whole generation of children are facing the risk of malnutrition and ill health. From providing rapid, life-saving healthcare for children and their families to setting up safe spaces for children to play and get emotional support. Your regular monthly donation can help us improve the lives of Syrian children who’ve never known anything else but war and conflict.

How You Can Help Children Trapped In Syria

It’s easy to help children and their families in Syria. A regular monthly donation to our Syrian conflict appeal helps us:

  • Deliver safe drinking water and nutritious food to millions of children and their families

  • Provide safe shelter and psychosocial support to children and their families

  • Treat over 100,000 children suffering from disease and malnutrition in hospitals and health centres across Syria

  • Provide mobile health clinics that can access remote areas

With 73 cents in every dollar going directly towards delivering our world-class, evidence based programs you get peace of mind that your hard earned money is going directly towards helping Syrian children. Our track record of accountability is second to none with all our activities conducted ethically, legally and with the highest standards of integrity. We regularly evaluate our programs to ensure they’re effective and fulfilling children’s rights.
Learn more about the work we are doing to support children in Australia and overseas.


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