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Volunteer Opportunities to Help Children

Discover volunteer opportunities to help children in Australia and internationally. Enquire today to support our life saving programs, or make a donation.

More Australians are volunteering. The 2016 census revealed that 3.6 million Australians are actively engaged in voluntary work (Volunteering Australia) while the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) has found that volunteers bring substantial benefits to their communities. There are many volunteer opportunities to help children in Australia and overseas with Save the Children Australia.

The Best Volunteer Opportunities To Help Children

For over 100 years, Save the Children Australia has been protecting children from abuse, neglect, disease, hunger, war and conflict. Our volunteer opportunities to help children are vital with volunteers bringing substantial benefits to our organisation. By volunteering your time and energy to Save the Children Australia, you help us get closer to achieving 3 major goals for children in Australia and overseas:

  1. That no child dies from preventable causes before their 5th birthday. We are dedicated to ensuring all children survive and thrive.

  2. That every child gets access to basic, good quality education that will set them up for life.

  3. That no child feels threatened with violence, abuse, neglect, war, conflict, disease, hunger or exploitation.

We offer volunteer opportunities with youth for people from 18 to 85 years old. The wide variety of volunteer opportunities working with youth include:

  • Retail volunteers – shop assistants in Save the Children stores

  • Community volunteers – to provide support to parents and carers in safe spaces

  • Youth volunteers – join mentorship programs to empower youth

  • And much more – browse the full list of our volunteer opportunities with kids on our Volunteers page.

Volunteer Opportunities Working With Children

The work that our volunteers deliver is essential in providing emergency response and aid and development programs in Australia and overseas. Their wide range of talents and skills help us increase efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of our programs while bringing new insights. Our valued volunteers make new friends as they become an integral part of our community of inspired and dedicated supporters.
Like to volunteer but don’t have the time? A regular monthly donation is an effective way to help us prevent child abuse and neglect in Australia and around the world.

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