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Education is the key to success

12 April 2021, Impact of Our Work

One boy on a mission to help change lives 

He fled violence in South Sudan, carrying with him just one piece of clothing. When he reached the refugee camp in Uganda, Jonathan* was finally safe. The next step was a better life. 

But when COVID-19 hit and schools closed, life become hard again. His friends started working and stopped attending school. It was hard to see how school would ever be the same again. 

“I feel bad when other children are not going to school. Because without education no one can get success. So, you find that if you do not go to school, it will be hard on your side. You will not understand, you will always be illiterate,” he says. 

How to make a difference

Jonathan’s not the kind to give up on his friends. He joined Save the Children’s Child Rights Group in the camp and talks to his peers about how they can continue with their education. 

“I had a friend, Peter. We are the same age. He dropped out of school to start work, to start tailoring here in the camp. It took two months for me to convince him about going back to school,” explains Jonathan. 

Peter now rents out his sewing machine to pay for school fees. He’s determined to stay at school now with the support of Save the Children and his friend Jonathan. Thanks to generous supporters, Save the Children have given Peter schoolbooks and a solar light that he can use to study by in the evenings.  

Jonathan has high hopes for Peter. “I hope my friend is going to be someone who is going to be responsible in the future, and with education, he’s going to be more intelligent and that’s what I hope for him as a good friend.”

Peter studies at home in the refugee camp with books provided by Save the Children.
Photo: Esther Ruth Mbabazi / Save the Children


Optimism for an educated future for all children 

Jonathan’s determined to grab his future too. With the support of Save the Children he’s able to continue his studies and encourage all his peers to return to the classroom too. 

Save the Children have really supported me a lot during when we come here in the camp. Save the Children provided for us clothing, sandals and also they help us in terms of education by giving us books and also provide for us uniform also.


As the pandemic continues worldwide, widening the gap between vulnerable and disadvantaged children and those with access to school and remote education, Peter’s dream remains unabated. 

“My hopes and dreams for other children in the world is that they should believe in themselves, that they can make it in life and they should continue in having education. Education should be the first thing they put in life, other things will come later.”

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